Our Sectors

We are an independent construction consultancy and pride ourselves in our expertise across a range of sectors.

In the past we have worked with a variety of sectors, from government and local municipalities, to commercial enterprises.

Our commercial clients have included blue chip international companies, right down to smaller businesses on the high street.

Whether your business is large or small, we are adept at servicing your needs.

Infrastructure, regeneration, industrial, real estate and education – there is very little that we don’t specialize in.

Our sectors include;


Onshore or offshore, gas, oil or renewables. We have experience across the whole sector.

When you want a consultancy you can rely on, to deliver the certainty you need, turn to us.

Our team can make sure your project is as efficient as possible.


We have a wealth of experience of working within the commercial environment and know the needs of both employees and management, within the office setting.

Our team will work with developers to ensure the success of your project and the maximum return on the investment made.


The proper use of public funds is a serious concern and our consultancy can deliver the vision you need and always right on budget.


Our team understands guests and what they require from a brand.

Let us show you how to provide maximum profit from the business you have – whether it is a large international chain or a small family hotel.


With an eye on the budget and resource management, our team can help deliver your project with all the features and quality you would expect of a first class educational facility.

We are experienced across all types of educational facility, from schools up to universities and everything in between.


We know that resources are limited, which is why our team can help you match your expectations to your budget and keep everyone on board happy.

We have worked within a range of healthcare settings, especially hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.


Small or large, we work with your budget and always put safety as a top priority.

You won’t find a better team to bring it all together with.


Our clients are world leaders and brand names you can trust.

We know about the ever changing world of retail and the fickle fashions driving it.

Put your business in the hands of the experts and hire Ron Sympson today.


Whether it is road or rail, our team of consultants can handle it with ease and experience.


We have been helping landlords and developers get it right, when it comes to residential property, for many years and can bring your project in on budget and on time.