About Us

We are a world class construction consultancy. We work on the best and most exciting projects around the globe.

And we can deliver excellency to your business, industry or enterprise.

How do we do this? By sticking to our core principles.


We have three core principles, which we always adhere to. These are;


Creativity means tailoring our approach to your needs and recognizing that no two concerns or projects are identical – even if it looks like they should be from the outside.

We work with you to find out what is important to you and your business, then we make it work – for you.


Of course, we are always professional and we make sure that our clients will remain professional in their approaches to the projects they want to undertake.

But we do more than just that.

At Ron Sympson, we are not about management speak or doublethink.

We communicate in clear English, so that everyone on board knows exactly what is needed.

Our team take the time to get to know you and make the relationship personal.


Above all, we have an absolute commitment to the project and you, as our clients.

Whichever walk of life or business that you are in, for the duration of the project, we make it our own.

We strive to understand you and your needs and then we put our shoulder to the wheel to achieve them.


We have five offices across the country and employ over two hundred staff, in various capacities.

We can always put together exactly the right team for your project’s needs.

We recruit the industry best and all are experts in their fields.

Over the twenty years that we have been operational, we have built up a formidable reputation as the best in the business.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our clients’ testimonials!